"The song has an irresistible, haunting chorus, and a soothing, lilting vibe that brings to mind the great Tom Petty song, "It's Good To Be King." An insidious pop treat, "Body" is an excellent introduction to Bassh".



"Go To is a marriage of from-the-heart accolades, a tenacious pop bloodline and… bongos? Or some such bouncing percussion to nod your head to. Either way, it takes a while to understand, but you will be bopping and Basshing along in no time".


".....One of the most effective choruses you’re likely to hear all year, this isn’t a tune to turn your nose up at"


"alternative rock duo, Bassh, have dropped "Animal", the second single from their upcoming debut! "Animal" follows a hypnotic bassline, head-nodding percussion and pointed, staccato guitars into an anthemic refrain that will undoubtedly be heard across arenas and radio waves sooner rather than later".

"Animal" was produced and co-written by Lincoln Parrish (former lead guitarist for Cage The Elephant) and Parrish's signature dramatic, almost haunting guitar have left their fingerprints all over the track. If this is an indicator of what the rest of the EP sounds like, sign me up!"


the revue



Their first single “Body” was a melodic pop gem and “Animal” takes a bit of a harder tone with a rap/rock vibe similar to Twenty One Pilots. They still have those hook laden basslines though that keep you wanting to hear more.

We are intrigued as to what other tracks might be coming from Bassh. We are thinking there could be some major diversification in their sound