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Bassh has no rules. No limits. No agenda beyond making something loud, raw and rooted in distorted guitars, sweeping melodies, emotional lyrics and the thrill that comes with creating art for the sheer fun of it.

The thrill began during the winter months of 2014, when Jimmy Brown and CJ Hardee of Matrimony began working with GRAMMY-nominated producer and Band of Horses member Bill Reynolds.   BASSH sound started to take shape as the band tossed synthesizers, electronics, and unique percussion. The result - a unique sound that was aggressive, moody, melodic and atmospheric. 

The recording sessions were quick and inspired. Holed up in Reynold's Fleetwood Shack studio in Nashville, the guys spent their days switching instruments, experimenting with different tones and recorded Bassh’s first single, Body.   

"We weren’t trying to fit into any kind of mold" explains Brown, "this was a good opportunity to just say, Fuck it. Let’s just enjoy this. We spent the recording session dancing around the room, just going to town.  It didn’t feel serious. It just felt like we were making something that we all liked".

Bassh released Body in August 2015 and subsequently signed to independent label, Antler Records, who re-released the single in April 2016.

Body was well received on radio ranking in the TOP10 on the KKBB Tracker Singles Specialty Chart and was in full-time rotation on taste maker stations like WRLT, WEQX, KRBZ, KMAX, WJSE, WHSN, KXRN, & WEZZ amongst others.

Bassh’s current single, Animal, introduces a more aggressive side of the duo. The record gets right to the point, opening with pounding drums and a Depeche Mode style guitar hook. The two share vocals, Brown belts I’ve been getting paid and getting wasted, nothing is forever going to waste it and Hardee follows with a rap culminating in yet another mercurial and distinctive track.

"It’s high energy start to finish and is a great live song, we’re both really digging how this one turned out," says Hardee.

Animal which  was produced by former Cage The Elephant guitar player, Lincoln Parish. hit the airwaves and digital platforms on October 2016.  The song has been well received by several tastemaker stations at the Triple A and Alternative formats as well as in the press.   

Bassh has enjoyed live success performing at festivals like Untapped, Middle Of The Map, Live On The Green & Pearl Palooza and has quicklygained a loyal following playing shows on both the east & west coasts of the U.S. Most recently the band has been added to 2017's Hangout Festival line up.